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Find your favorites by type (ex: grape) or brand (ex: fanta). Wildcards (*) ok.
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Canadian Drinks
New to Soda Finder
Non-Carbonated Drinks
Real Sugar Sweetened
Soda Varieties
Coca-Cola (Coke) with Real Sugar
Hires Root Beer
Cherikee Red
Mountain Dew Glass Bottle (WJ)
Faygo Grape Diet
Tom Tucker Mint Ginger Ale (2 liter)
Pibb Xtra
Barq's Red Creme
Squirt Ruby Red
Wink 2 Liter
_Mello Yello (Old Logo)
_Barq's Red Creme Diet
_Wink 1 Liter
_Coca-Cola (Coke) Cherry with Real Sugar
Frozen Run Birch Beer
Squirt Ruby Red Diet
_Mountain Dew Glass Bottle 6 pack (West Jefferson)
_Coca-Cola (Coke) Vanilla Real Sugar
Crush Cherry (12 pk cans)
Mountain Dew Caffeine Free
_Lipton Brisk Orangeade Sugar Free 2 Liter
Dr Pepper Real Sugar
_Lipton Brisk Orangeade Sugar Free
Pibb Zero (Diet Pibb Xtra)
_Coca-Cola (Coke) Caffeine Free Real Sugar
Canada Dry Vanilla Cream
Cocaine Energy Drink
_Pepsi Cherry Vanilla Real Sugar
Nehi Grape
_Dr Pepper Dublin
Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla Diet
Mountain Dew Throwback
Faygo Redpop Diet
_Tropicana Orangeade Light (Sugarfree)
Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer
A&W Root Beer (West Jefferson)
 Find your favorites by type (ex: grape) or brand (ex: fanta). Wildcards (*) ok.
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