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_Cherikee Red

_Cherikee Red
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A locally sold beverage from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Sometimes misspelled "Cherokee", which technically is correct.  The name of this product is intentionally misspelled to highlite the "cheri" (cherry) flavor!

The only true cherry soda I’ve seen out there, aside from the specialty glass-bottled brands. And, Crush Cherry, which is around in some markets, but spotty.  

As of April 29, 2022, I returned back to Pittsburgh again to pop into a couple stores with the slight chance that I'd see our familiar favorite cherry soda once again (and Tom Tucker) even though I know they're not being produced, because what's life without hope.  Unfortunately, no avail.

Click below and fill in your email information to get on the list so if I ever do spot it again, because you never know, and independent may pick it up or they may try to produce it again at some point, I will let you know.

Victim of Covid: Last bottler to produce this was American Bottling Corp,  

Address: 401 N Railroad Ave, Northlake, IL 60164


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