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_Mr. Pibb

_Mr. Pibb
Retired From Sodafinder


Pibb Xtra is a reformulation of Mr. Pibb that was released in summer 2002. This is NOT Xtra. This is real-deal original pre 2002 Mr Pibb. Anything sold as "Pibb" in a store now is "Pibb Xtra".

Next time you think you see Mr. Pibb, check carefully as you will see the word "Mr." does not appear anywhere on the product. Also remember that many fountains serving "Pibb Xtra" never changed the label from the old "Mr. Pibb". Ask the restaurant to confirm the selection by checking the concentrate canister or bag-in-box and you will see.


We do sell Doc X which is the closest variant to Mr Pibb.

Check this site for other long lost sodas!

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