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Fanta Cream Soda

Fanta Cream Soda

Imported from Canada Imported from Canada Imported From Canada


Canadian version of a sweet cream that some say tastes like the old American version of Fanta Red Cream. Imported from Canada! Canadian sodas contain more real sugar than you’ll find in standard-issued United States sodas. Also known as Soda Mousse.  Now boasting no artificial flavours or colours, and "made with real grapes!"

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Here is the email I received from a happy Fanta Red Cream fan... 

Hey guys!

I found our fanta red cream soda for sale by the 12 pack case! I am ordering at least 3 cases. It’s from Canada, and they don’t call it Red cream soda, just cream soda, but Steve and I had one the other day and it was fantastic! J  The same American red that we all used to know and love.   Enjoy!

--- Tyler

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 Find your favorites by type (ex: grape) or brand (ex: fanta). Wildcards (*) ok.

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