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_Coke (Coca-Cola) II 6 pack

_Coke (Coca-Cola) II 6 pack
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6 pack of cans from one of the last batches of Coke II produced.

Originally, it was called “new Coke”, released to “update” coke to current standards. My friend Steve just calls if “Pepsi-coke” cause it tastes more like Pepsi. With Coke’s switcheroo plan in progress, to bring back “Coke Classic” (touting we’ve returned coke to its original formula, yet they failed to mention that it was a big ploy to convert the remaining independent bottlers to switch to high fructose corn syrup from real sugar), they then changed the name from “new coke” to “Coke II”.

The last bottler to make this stuff was called Main Depot, based in Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, as it always goes, big daddy Coke Corporate bought out this bottler and streamlined their product offering, deleting Coke II from the shelves. I bought these in 2001.

NOTE: Cans may not be full! As they age, the can seam breaks down and the soda drains.

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