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Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Service

  • Soda sold is presumably safe to drink, may be up to but not more than one and one half year past stamped freshness date, unless otherwise specified. No returns or refunds. Sold as is, no warranty or freshness guarantee of any kind. Not liable for injury, illness, or death as a result of consumption. Drink at your own risk.
  • The cost per item is determined using the actual price paid by Soda Finder, plus travel expenses to obtain the item(s), including fuel and tolls. The cost for any specific item may vary depending on quantity on hand, and distance traveled to obtain the item. Remember, this is a hobby; after factoring in expenses, barely any profit is made by this web site.
  • UPS Ground is used for shipping due to it's tracking capabilities, lack of restrictions on contents, and proximity to  In addition to the cost of the item(s), Soda Finder charges our volume discounted ACTUAL UPS SHIPPING COST plus a handling/packing fee of $6.00. This covers the cost for box(es), packing peanuts and styrofoam which unfortunately has skyrocketed in the last year (used to be $2.50 in 2018).
  • Items may only be shipped to United States or Canadian mailing addresses. No PO Boxes allowed. Most Alaska and Hawaii residents may only be able to ship using UPS 2 day air. Some locations in city areas of these states do have UPS ground. System will provide you with options available for your shipping address. Sodafinder has no control over which options may or may not be available, and has no control over tariff or brokerage fees you may be charged by your country of destination. All Canadian orders will ship UPS Standard, regardless of what option you may select for shipping at checkout.
  • Shipments to Canada are non-refundable as once an order passes Canadian customs, it cannot be returned without considerable expense. Currently orders will be accepted for shipment to Canadian mailing addresses for FOUR 12 packs, 12 glass bottles, or 4 2 liters Maximum weight not to exceed 48 lbs.
  • All orders will be assumed to have been placed with UPS ground shipping option. If you purchase another shipping method (3 day select, 2 day, overnight) you must send a separate email at the time your order is placed, and also include "Special Shipping" with your order details.
  • Orders may not be processed immediately. Soda Finder will not guarantee a specific or approximate delivery time frame for your order to be processed and shipped. Every attempt is made to process and ship completed, paid orders within 5 to 7 business days of purchase, however, in no way is an order guaranteed to be expedited in any particularly preset and defined block of time. Timing of order processing depends availability of employees, weather conditions, and other outside constraints which can not be forseen or calculated.
  • Orders may not ship immediately due to weather conditions, specifically, cold outdoor temperatures (below 20ºF). See and scroll down to see what the temperature is at, and for additional details.
  • Once an order is ready to ship, an email with UPS tracking information will be sent to you. If you have paid for shipping other than UPS ground, please use the webmail form to advise Soda Finder of this, else your order will be processed in the order received.
  • Not liable for items lost, tampered with, or damaged during shipment. Great care will be taken to insure your items are packaged properly and safely, however, because of the extreme uncertainty associated with shipping and other environmental factors, Soda Finder cannot be held liable for your package once it leaves Soda Finder's location. UPS automatically insures packages for $50. Soda Finder will help you initiate a claim with UPS if the need arises.
  • Unless otherwise specified: Products available in 12 oz. cans ONLY, items received may not be same as pictured, varieties sold are limited to those available in the United States and Canada only.
  • Maximum order is 48 cans (or 48 lbs). When sending order inquiries, please include # of cans per item and shipping address.
  • Because of the limited shelf life of diet varieties, they are not regularly keep in stock. All diet flavors must be special ordered unless otherwise specified. Please ask if you are interested in a particular brand/flavor.
  • Payments accepted through PayPal, or Credit Card only.  Payment must be received and cleared by Soda Finder before Sodafinder will ship an order. Orders made with PayPal Verified Addresses will ship more quickly.   Orders shipping to addresses other than the billing address may be cancelled.  Orders flagged as suspicious by our payment provider will be cancelled and reported to the authorities.
  • Cannot guarantee availability or price of any item at any given time. Quantities on hand change daily so please ask even if something is listed as limited, out of stock, not available, or not shown. If an item states "Special Order", this usually means quantity is limited but will be replenished, likely within 45 days. If your item is considered "Special Order", your item will ship automatically once in stock. You have the right to cancel the order for a full refund at any time prior to your order being processed.
  • Single full cans of Mr. Green, Dr. Slice, New Coke / Coke II, Josta, and Original Mr. Pibb are available as collectors items for $100 per can, but otherwise not sold for consumption. Drink at your own risk.
  • Every attempt will be made to keep this web site updated with these changes. Items not available may be substituted with items of like kind and quality without notice. Every effort will be made to locate specific items and/or advise of substitution prior to shipment.
  • I am not a soda manufacturer or distributor, warehouse, or wholesaler. Items are purchased over a span of time. Items are sold as novelty and are not regularly marketed in any way to any particular territory. I reserve the right to restrict the sale of specific items based on predetermined legal arrangements between the bottler and distributor in your specific territory. Sodafinder is in no way affiliated with any producer of any specific product. Products are obtained by Sodafinder lawfully and by regular means, paying full local sales tax and deposit where applicable.
  • Orders must be made using a valid email address. If Soda Finder has any questions or problems concerning your order, email will be sent to you at the email address used to make the payment. If there is no response to an order question from Soda Finder, Soda Finder, at its discretion, may cancel or modify the order.
  • does not release, resell or redistribute any personally verifiable information to anyone, period.  This includes email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and we do not have access to credit card numbers directly as this is handled by our payment gateway providers.
  • reserves the right cancel an order for any reason, including after an order has shipped. Orders are to be made only for products to be consumed or retained. Any resale or redistribution is strictly prohibited.
  • Full refunds will only be allowed if notification has been submitted which gives Sodafinder sufficient time to process the cancellation of the order prior to any stage of shipping costs being incurred.
  • Sodafinder will not be liable for shipping or handling charges when shipment is refused, or when an order is cancelled once item ships, regardless of whether the order is cancelled by the customer or Soda Finder. A $10 package intercept fee will also be charged in addition to handling and double shipping charges, and a 10% restocking fee at the discretion of Soda Finder. If you receive a package that is damaged, please open and inspect the contents, and remit color digital photographs to Soda Finder. At our discretion, we may issue you replacement products. Typically, damage is limited to a very small percentage of items shipped, and in many cases external package damage has not impacted the products within.
  • Orders will be cancelled by Soda Finder if purchaser is found in violation of the disclaimer contained herein. Orders found in violation will be considered fradulent pursuaint to the terms stated above, and Soda Finder reserves the legal right to refuse any refund on this basis.
  • Sodafinder is under no legal obligation in any way, shape, or form, to provide any specific service or product at any time for any amount of payment.

Terms updated July 5, 2022



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