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About Soda Finder

This site was created out of the love of travel, and the hunt for unique and strange sodas and non-carbonated beverages. It is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. My primary goal on this site is to allow others to reap the benefits of my endeavors while raising the necessary funds for travel and capital to keep the hobby going.
My name is Brian, and Soda is a fascination of mine. Perhaps its the vast infrastructure of the soda industry that intrigues me. A nationwide quest to find that lost treasure, or just because I'm bored, or thirsty. Why is it that you can buy one product here, and not there? Why is the sky blue? Perhaps some questions are easier to answer than others.

Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy it! Once you're done here, check out my other sites.

Learn more about me here:

Others share in their enthusiasm for this crazy fascination I stumbled upon.
Over the years I've met a lot of cool people that I am friends with because of our common interest of soda.

Brian is my uncle and has always had an assortment of unique sodas. My personal favorite was Mr. Pibb, not Pibb Xtra. I remember he brought back Mr. Pibb, Surge, and Josta after a trip he went on in 1997. He brought back so much Mr. Pibb you would have thought it was going out of style. Ironically, who would have thought it was going to in 2003! I currently help Brian out with Sodafinder by to crumbling newspapers for packing for soda orders.


Brian showed me there was a difference between sodas, and then I learned about real sugar soda and when I tasted it, it was so much better than the High Fructose Corn Syrup version. I have been very fortunate to have gone on some trips with SodaFinder including summer 2010, to the mid-west, and also to the historic Ozark Coca-Cola in Springfield MO. I met the family that has owned the business for 90+ years and had a tour of the factory, and got to sample the work of the day -- freshly made Dr. Pepper."

I met brian in 2005 through and sodafinder. Now we've been friends for three years and I help him locate hard to find soda along with proofreading sodafinder and deadmalls.

The one soda Brian and I missed out on was diet coke with lemon. It was my favorite soda, and the last time I was able to find it was June of 2005 at a walmart in Suffolk, Va and I bought all they had left-5 packs. It took me a month and a half to drink them all.

Coming Soon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

When Brian introduced me to and soda with real sugar, I was intrigued by how many different products are actually out there and that I could obtain some of the ones from my past. My mind is flooded w/memories of the soda I used to buy as a kid; Royal Palm Root Beer, Sport Cola, Wink, A&W Root Beer, Saratoga Ginger Ale, and others. Brian has certainly tapped into something that all may enjoy!!

When I first met Brian, we'd just hang out to go on road trips, but Brian opened my eyes to the world of soda. He showed me that different areas have different types, and how fun it can be to enjoy soda while travelling across the United States.

Learn more about me here:

I wasn't always as fascinated with soda. It all started on a Saturday in 2003. I was handed by Brian an assortment of sodas that I had never known existed. Among them were Red Fusion, Mr. Green, Slice Red, Pepsi Blue, and my instant favorite of the group, original Mr. Pibb. My curiosity was instantly peaked, and I set out to inquire and learn, with Brian's help, about the soda industry and its vast infrastructure of bottlers and distributors. Also an enjoyer of road travel, I am happy to accompany Brian on any trip required to keep this business going strong and to keep our customers happy.

Learn more about me here:

Other "Soda" Friends: Terry and Sean.

(my desk at work at my real job.)

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