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This site was created out of the love of travel, and the hunt for unique and strange sodas and non-carbonated beverages. It is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. My primary goal on this site is to allow others to reap the benefits of my endeavors while raising the necessary funds for travel and capital to keep the hobby going.

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As seen on Eater:

The Secret World of Selling 'Nostalgic' Food

(from May 2016)

And, as seen on Soda: The Magic Formula as aired on French TV 5!

Author / Director: PIERRE-FRANCOIS OLIVIER | Production: ARTLINE Films STEFILM

Whether at the summit of Kilimanjaro, in the depths of Siberia or North Korea, there is not a place, not a bar, not a refrigerator where the small colored bottles and cans of soda have found refuge the delight of fans thirsty ...and to the dismay of nutritionists.

This film offers a sparkling investigation and scientific about this strange phenomenon that conquered the world: soda. A hymn to the universal drink sodas.

And as seen on
Good Morning America and Yahoo!

GMA story here

Yahoo front page showing Brian

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Regular soda does not ship below continuous exposure to less than 20ºF
and Diet soda does not ship below continuous exposure to less than 30ºF.

If it is going to be continuously below freezing here, where you are shipping, or anywhere in between, I may choose to delay shipping your order.

(If a can of soda freezes, assuming the can doesn't burst, it will lose carbonation when thawed out. The conversion to ice takes up more space and pushes the carbonation out of the liquid. Once your box leaves Sodafinder, I cannot assume responsibility for items damaged during shipment, including by freezing.
I love soda, and I want to make sure it arrives safely, in liquid form!)

I apologize for these precautions that cause delays.

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